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Recently had to get my mother's ring completely redone as it was broken and had enamel that I had removed. The ring is all I could ask for and more. They did a beautiful job. I love it and it means so much to me to have it restored. Thank ... you so much. Read More
My husband and I were looking for an anniversary band to compliment my wedding set. We looked at several in the town where we live, but either the jewelers had limited supplies and had to order it in or they didn't really want to deal with us. We decided to ... try Walter's in my hometown. I was pleasantly surprised. I found 2 rings I liked a lot within a short amount of time being there. The salesman let me try all of them on and compare them. The salesman also found a band that had belonged to a set that had a particular curve to it and it fit exactly with my band. After I decided to get the curvy band, The salesman explained that I needed to have my wedding ring resized along with the new band, so that I could wear them all together comfortably. He also had to take a notch out of the new band because it was there to fit with the original set. The salesman said he could more than likely have it finished before they closed the shop ( at the time it was around 11:30am). With the resizing of both rings, the removal of the indent, cleaning and inspecting of my original set, an the cost of the ring itself, we ended up paying less than we had budgeted for my ring. I was very happy. They had it all finished by 3pm.When we went to pick it up, the other salesman explained to me about keeping the ring in good repair and about coming in to have it inspected occasionally. I cannot say enough good things about this shop. I will drive the couple of hours to come to this jeweler for all my jewelry and jewelry repair needs from now on! Read More
My husband's father picked out his wife's engagement ring here and many other pieces so when it came time to choose an engagement ring for me, my husband went with Walters because he knew they had always made his parents happy. One amazing thing is, they will let you change ... ring after purchasing. My husband had picked out a center stone for me and let me choose a band (after I said yes). They had the most amazing choices and provided exceptional service while we looked and waited. After finding the perfect one, they had it set and sized for me, packaged it up and sent us on our way. Any time I'm in the area, I can stop in and they clean my ring and check the setting and let me browse while they work. My band is truly one of a kind with them and there hasn't been one like it in the store since then. We had such a great experience there we got our wedding bands there, my mother became a customer and my sister-in-law's engagement ring came from there too. They truly are a business my whole family loves. Read More

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